Saturday, September 6, 2008

End O Summer!

Well, if Summer isn't over yet, we have a few signs that the end is drawing near!

Avynlee has started pre school and another dance class, she sure enjoys putting on her tights and leotard. Susie will now have some "extra" time while Avy is gone two days a week to pre school.

MaeElla just turned the big 1, and is craling all over the place.

College football is here and the mighty cougars are on the prowl.

t is Whitney's first fall semester in five years that he hasn't had to "go back" to school and spend all of his extra time away from the family.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

welcome to the blogging world

Well, if it isn't our friends the dancing pattens! We have decided to begin a blog to show all of you out there what is going on in our lives!

We have two amazing beautiful girls; Avynlee turned three in May, and our "little one" MaeElla is just over ten months old.

Whitney has finished schooling, but not officially yet!

Susie is being the best mother ever to the girls, and is getting back into dancing a little (it is one of her passions)

Summer is upon us, and BYU football begins in less than two months! GO COUGARS!!!